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Admixtures are normally provided as water based solutions and can be added to the concrete at up to 5% on cement weight, although most types are added at less than 2% and many are at less than 0.8%. Detailed information on admixture types is available from the industry professional body.

Our technical team of specialists are able to provide the solutions, advice our customers for the most demanding requirements and are able to provide tailor made solutions to the Ready Mix, Precast and Manufactured concrete industries.

Admixtures which, without effecting the consistence, permits a reduction in the water content of a given concrete mix, or which, without affecting the water content increases the slump/flow or produces both effects simultaneously.

This application of admixtures improves the dispersion of cement particles resulting in an increase in workability.

With a typical dosage from 0.2-5.0 % by weight of cement, depending on the type of admixture application, generally plasticisers increase the workability at a given water/cement-ratio by between 50 and 100 mm slump with no loss of strength or durability.

Alternatively, they can be used to reduces water content in a range of 5 -12%. This reduction in the water/cement ratio gives significant durability enhancement and strength increase for constant cement content.

Use of Admixtures by the readymix concrete producers help to optimize the cost effectiveness of the mix.

We also supply specialty concrete admixtures include:

Air entraining and foaming agents Corrosion inhibitors and antifreeze
Integral Waterproofing Admixtures Under water Admixtures
Accelerators Mortar Plasticizers
Melamine Based Architectural Finishing

The environmental profile of concrete is also improved, ensuring industry standards and sustainability are met.

Material approval from ADNOC for RUWAIS HOUSING Complex
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Approval from ADNOC for RUWAIS HOUSING Complex.
Mould Release Agent.
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Approval from Al Suweidi Engineering Consulting L.L.C.
Ecotile Fx & Ecotile GT
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Certificate from ADCE
Concrete Admixture
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