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Construction Chemicals
Water Proofing & Protective Coating
Acrylic Based Waterproofing
Guardflex 2K
Ecoguard WP400
Bitumenious Water Proofing
Ecoguard BBE
Ecoguard RBE
Coaltar Epoxy Coating
Ecohard CT30
Silane Siloxane
Ecoguard WR290
Joint Sealant
Ecoseal PU 20


Concrete structures may be the buildings, bridges, primary & secondary containments and other reinforced concrete structures must need protective coating against rain, natural air & pollution, aggressive marine environment conditions and chemicals that affects adversely on the designed service life of the structures leads to an expensive refurbishments works.

Whether the purpose is to protect the new construction or refurbishment of the structures against aggressive influences such as atmospheric carbonation, chloride ingress in marine environment or aggressive chemicals from degrading the structure, Envirocon L.L.C.is the manufacturer of choice assisting you with expert technical advice and guidance in selecting the protective coating solution to meet your performance requirements. Our extensive range of protective coatings has manufactured to the highest quality standards on durable & sustainable technology has stood time tested protection of the structures around the world.